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Maten är helt avgörande för din hälsa ❤️

En mycket intressant podcast med Mary Ruddick som intervjuas av Brian Sanders i hans podd Peak Human. Detta borde alla lyssna på för att få ny kunskap och kanske en bredare syn på kost och hälsa - jag blev tagen ❤️

She is a nutritionist, teacher, and Author of books and online educational programs. People come to Mary to resolve their otherwise impossible health conditions. She teaches them tools they can implement to rebuild their own immune systems, nervous systems, holobiome, and microbiome and once again take control of their health.

Mary specializes in rebalancing the microbiome by addressing nutritional and epigenetic aspects that underlie various physical and mental health disorders. She is a specialist in the fields of autoimmunity, histamine intolerance (MCAD), mental disorders, and nervous system disorders that include dysautonomia, seizure disorders, and autism.

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